Russia air strikes hits ‘Daraa’ in Syria, violates ceasefire near the Jordan-Israel border

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Damascus/Beirut/Washington: Russia who had indicated withdrawal of its army from Syria has carried out 25 rocket attacks in the Daraa area in southern Syria. This is the first attack by Russia since the imposition of ceasefire nearly a year ago and concerns are being expressed that this might lead to the ceasefire near the Israel-Jordan border being scrapped. The Syrian army also continues with the barrel bomb attacks in the Israeli border areas, ignoring the warning from the United States.

In the month of July last year, a ceasefire had been implemented in the Daraa area as a result of an initiative from the United States, Russia and Jordan. Russia and the United States had suggested that the Syrian military and the Syrian rebels should abide by the ceasefire. It was also reported that Russia had deployed more than 500 soldiers in this region. Russia had clarified that this deployment was to ensure that the conflict does not start again.

Despite this, the Syrian army has started attacks in the Daraa region since the past few days. While the Syrian military is carrying out attacks against the rebels, a human rights organisation in Syria has accused Russia of carrying out 25 rocket attacks on the locations of the Syrian rebels. Due to this action by the Russian fighter jets in the Daraa region after almost a year, the possibility of the conflict worsening is being expressed.

Last week the Syrian army entered the Daraa region and started a comprehensive military action against the Syrian rebels. The Assad regime justified this action saying that the rebels in this region are a threat to the Syrian security. The Syrian action near the Israel-Jordan border has elicited severe reaction from the United States.

The action by the Assad regime in Daraa region is a violation of the ceasefire, criticised the United States. It had also threatened the Syrian military suggesting it to withdraw from the region. But the Assad regime attacked the rebels in Daraa with barrel bombs showing that it did not pay any heed to the warning by the United States. The Syrian rebels and the human rights organisations have made these accusations.

The United States has clarified a few hours ago that it will not be able to help the Syrian rebels in the conflict against the Syrian military. But the United States will have to be more cautious in its action in Syria since Russia, which had initiated the ceasefire, itself has carried out the attacks. The United States and Russia had taken a very cautious stance in order to avoid a direct conflict between their soldiers. Nevertheless, the prediction of a direct war between Russia and the United States on Syrian land is being predicted by the military analysts and the officials in the defence forces of both the countries.

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