‘American Institute of Taiwan’ inaugurated in capital of Taiwan. Although a US cultural centre, it is claimed to be de-facto US embassy

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Taipei: The ‘American Institute of Taiwan’ (ATI) was inaugurated in the capital city of Taipei, in the presence of the Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen and senior United States officials. Although it is claimed to be a US cultural centre, it is clear that it is in fact the US embassy. China reacted to this and the Chinese foreign ministry has demanded that the United States should correct its mistake.

China claims that Taiwan is its integral part and hence, threatens that no other country should establish political, trade or military cooperation with Taiwan. It has been repeatedly observed that the country uses all of its economic, political and even military strength to ensure that Taiwan does not get recognition as a sovereign country.

In 1979, the United States had supported the ‘One China’ policy, taking into consideration its trade cooperation with China and had severed all political ties with Taiwan. However, since the last few months the United States has started increasing its cooperation with Taiwan. Three months ago, the it passed the “Taiwan Act” and announced new cooperation with Taiwan.

The United States also announced that it will supply fighter jets, helicopters and destroyers to the island nation. It has also indicated that the US aircraft carriers will soon be entering the Taiwanese Gulf. China had given a severe reaction about this military cooperation between these two countries.

China had threatened that Taiwan will be at a loss with this military cooperation and that the bilateral relations between United States and China will be adversely affected due to this.

Within four days of this threat issued by China, the United States inaugurated the ATI in the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. The inauguration was attended by Taiwanese President Tsai along with Marie Royce, Assistant Secretary of State of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Director of ATI and Ambassador, Kin W. Moy.

Moy claimed that the inauguration of ATI is an important milestone for the relations between the United States and Taiwan. This cultural centre is the symbol of cooperation between the US and Taiwan in the 21st Century, said Royce.

Meanwhile, this centre appears to be an unofficial US embassy in Taiwan. The United States has initiated steps to declare Taiwan as a sovereign country and the inauguration of ATI appears to be the first step. Although this is a sensitive issue for China, it appears that the United States is willing to put its relations with China at stake for the Taiwanese freedom, taking into consideration the geographical, military and political importance of Taiwan.

If China gains control over Taiwan, it will be very easy for China to challenge the United States influence in this region. The security of Japan and the South-Eastern countries in Asia will come under threat as China will have free movement in the region. Being fully aware that such an imbalance would prove to be dangerous, the United States has expedited its measures towards the Taiwanese security.

A few days ago, Taiwan had delivered a major blow to China by offering an island to build an United States military base in the South China Sea.

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