UK initiates action against human trafficking gangs: British Home Minister, Priti Patel

London: – After exiting the European Union, the United Kingdom has initiated a comprehensive action against illegal immigrants and gangs involved in human trafficking. A high-tech command centre has been setup for this purpose. British Home Minister Priti Patel has taken the lead in this matter. The extent of surveillance on land and the marine region, will increase through the medium of this centre and assistance will be taken from French agencies for this purpose.  

priti-patelOne of the main issues for the British exit from the European Union was immigrants’ issue. Being a member, the United Kingdom was forced to abide by the rules of the European Union. The supporters of Brexit had taken an adamant stand that the complete control regarding refugees and immigrants should be in the hands of the United Kingdom. This British condition has been accepted in the agreement with the European Union; henceforth, the decisions regarding refugees and immigrants, coming into the United Kingdom, will be in the United Kingdom’s hands.   

With an initiative from the Home Minister Priti Patel, the centre setup in the Kent province is a part of the same campaign. There has been massive infiltration from France into the United Kingdom, through the land and marine routes. The British agencies are detaining many intruders daily. There have been incidences that the intruders have succeeded in entering the United Kingdom dodging the immigration check and security agencies. It has been exposed that the criminal gangs involved in human trafficking are helping these illegal immigrants enter into the United Kingdom.  

Therefore, the United Kingdom has decided to create an independent security agency to take action against these criminal gangs and immigrants and provide technological assistance. Helicopters and drone will be used to stop criminal gangs. More than 8,000 immigrants had attempted to enter the United Kingdom through the English Channel in the last year. British sources indicated that it would be possible to reduce immigrant infiltration through the medium of this new high-tech command centre and deployment of an additional security agency.   

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