No chance of Turkey joining the European Union, clarifies the French President

Paris: In view of the happenings in the past few months, there seems to be no possibility of Turkey’s membership to the European Union moving forward, the French President Emmanuel Macron thus rejected the possibility of Turkey joining the European Union. The French President has given this indication in his meeting with the Turkish President Recep Erdogan. Thus, Turkey’s campaign to join the European Union is believed to have turned futile.

Turkey joining the European Union On the background of the hordes of migrants infiltrating Europe, Turkey had expedited its attempts for its membership of the EU. The condition of expediting its membership process was also mentioned in the Agreement signed with the EU to curb migration. Some of the member nations of the EU had also assured Turkey about this.

However, the failed military coup attempt in Turkey and the subsequent aggressive actions and constitutional changes made by President Erdogan resulted in strong reactions from the EU. The actions taken against EU citizens in Turkey further added to this. Leading nations like Germany and Austria began openly opposing Turkey. Britain had already expressed its opposition to Turkey’s membership.

Now the French President’s open denial  to Turkey’s EU membership made all its hopes razed to the ground. ‘Considering the relations between Turkey and the EU, the developments over the past few months and the choices made  have not allowed the process of Turkey’s membership to progress. It would be a lie to give assurances that we will open new options for your EU membership,’ the French President Macron clearly indicated that there were no movement about including Turkey as a member of the EU.

Despite such a clear refusal by the French President, the Turkish President kept on harping about Turkey’s eagerness to join the EU. ‘Turkey has been waiting for the Union’s membership since last 54 years. But whenever Turkey asks this question, the Union does not have a proper answer for it,’ expressed President Erdogan.

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