Scotland can separate from the United Kingdom if the Brexit deal does not happen; warns former head of the European Council

Brussels/London: ‘Don’t be under the misconception that the no-deal Brexit will only be a problem for United Kingdom and European Union. This can become an issue of the very existence of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom should remember that if  the Brexit deal does not happen with the European Union, repercussions may be felt in some parts of United Kingdom and some of the parts may even give out alarming reactions. The effects could be intense regarding Scotland’ warned the former European Union chief that this will strengthen the freedom for Scotland.

There is a severe political conflict over Brexit in the United Kingdom. The political circles are divided about the terms to be included in the agreement with the European Union, despite Brexit having been cleared by the UK parliament. Few of the Ministers and Member of Parliament from the ruling party have taken a stand that the ties with the Union should be completely severed and must accept the option for ‘Hard or No Brexit’. Some of the Ministers of the ruling party have even resigned due to this issue.

At the same time, some of the members of the ruling party have forwarded the option of ‘Soft Brexit’ and taken a stand that severing the ties completely with the European Union, will result in a major loss for the United Kingdom. Some parliamentarians, opposition leaders, industrialists and former Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s group have suggested a fresh Pan United Kingdom referendum on the Brexit issue. The reports say that this proposal is gaining support among the common British people too.

Prime Minister, Theresa May is staunchly opposed to this and has said that the world will not end if the Brexit deal does not happen. At the same time, she has rejected the possibility of a fresh referendum. The European Union has expressed concern over the proxy war going on in the United Kingdom’s political circles, over the Brexit deal and has warned to take a firm decision soon. Against this background, the warning issued by Herman Van Rompuy, the former President of European Council stands significant.

Those who are screaming that this deal is not necessary, is a part of their fanatic nationalism and it will not sustain, claimed Rompuy. ‘ All the 27-member countries of European Union will be united and Britain meaning United Kingdom may not remain integrated in the times to come’ said Rompuy, pointing out that the United Kingdom will break down.

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon has taken an aggressive stance against the ‘No Deal Brexit’ and has warned that there should be complete justice for Scotland. ‘The British government speaking the language of not having a deal is their biggest failure. Not making a Brexit deal will be the biggest ever disaster in itself’ warned Nicola Sturgeon.

Referendum was taken in the United Kingdom over the Scotland issue in 2014. 55% people had rejected an independent Scotland. Thereafter, in the referendum taken in 2016, on the Brexit issue 51% people had rejected the European Union. In this referendum, 52%  of people from Scotland had voted in favour of the European Union. Following this, the Scotland government has undertaken an independent campaign for inclusion in the European Union.

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