Rise in terrorism triggers European countries to implement strict border security control

Brussels: The terror attacks in countries like France, Germany, UK, Sweden have triggered the European countries to implement a strict security control on their borders. All the travellers to European countries would now be scrutinised under ‘Biometric’ identification. Also, their examination will be carried out with the help of the ‘Schengen Information System’ and the Interpol ‘database’.

SchengenAfter the 2015 terror attacks in the French capital of Paris, many loopholes in EU‘s security system were identified. It has come to the fore that the huge influx of refugees migrating into European counties have been taking advantage of these loopholes. Investigations have revealed that the attackers exploited these loopholes in the terror attacks that took place in Paris and subsequently in Europe one after another.

Therefore, aggressive demands are being made to either cancel or halt or similarly for security reasons, have amendments made to the EU’s special tourist facility, the ‘Schengen’. Certain prominent countries like France, Germany and Austria have started implementing a suspension on the ‘Schengen’ service. Therefore, the EU member nations have been adding pressure for amendments to ‘Schengen’. As a consequence,  the European Council approved the security related amendments to ‘Schengen’ in the last month.

Since the 8th of April, stricter border control as part of the security process of ‘Schengen’ has come into effect. Each and every person travelling by air, sea or road will necessarily go through a biometric identification process. The process will be completed with the help of the ‘Schengen‘  System and the ‘Interpol’ ‘database’ for verification. Sources have confirmed that this identification is being carried out at both times, i.e. while entering and exiting the member nations of the EU.

Certain EU leaders and intelligence agencies had already warned of the potential danger of infiltration of terrorists through the influx of migrants. However, EU member nations  are criticising the delay caused by the European council in taking action against this issue. In the wake of these events, the implementation of the enhanced security control  in the ‘Schengen’ is considered to be an important milestone.

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