Rocking the ‘Brexit’ bill; Higher Panel of the Parliament of Britain approves the Amendment

London : ‘Lords’, the higher panel of the Parliament of Britain, took Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit bill by a complete surprise. On Wednesday, the Parliament of Britain permitted the amendment of the ‘Brexit’ Bill. Owing to the process of recurring changes, Prime Minister May happened to cause delays with the negotiations. This has been reflected to be a major jolt for the British government. 

During the Parliamentary meet on Wednesday, then members of ‘Lords’ proposed changes in the ‘Brexit’ bill, and the same were passed by 352 votes against 256 in opposition. The proposition called for retaining the rights of citizens, of the European Union that currently reside in Britain. Even the post ‘Brexit’, rights of over 30 Lakh European citizens should be secured and must not be compromised, claims a clause in the proposal. 

Since the rectification has been approved, the Government of Britain will require to make and publish independent programs concerning the rights of European citizens. Considering that this may take some time, it is being speculated that the implementation of ‘Brexit’ may now take a longer while. Prime Minister Theresa May has conveyed displeasure on this sudden blow in the Parliament. 

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