UAE stops airline services to Pakistan  

London: – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stopped airline services to Pakistan, for a few days. UAE announced that this decision was taken in view of the Coronavirus situation in Pakistan. UAE clarified that the airline services would be resumed only after a separate Corona lab facility, to screen people coming from Pakistan, is in place. UAE took this decision after learning that the number of Coronavirus cases increased in the United Kingdom, because of the people arriving from Pakistan. The number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has crossed 200,000.   

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General Aviation Authority of UAE, announced this decision regarding Pakistan. The UAE agency announced that the suspension of airlines services is temporary. A few days ago, the Emirates airlines from UAE had banned all travellers flying out of Pakistan. Last week, 30 people flying on an Emirates flight, from Pakistan to Hongkong, were found to be Coronavirus positive. Expressing regret that the Pakistani authorities are allowing air travel without any screening, Emirates had announced a ban of Pakistani passengers and airline services to Pakistan. UAE agency seems to have followed the footsteps of Emirates airlines.  

UAE clarified that airline services, to Pakistan, will not be resumed unless a separate facility for screening passengers arriving from Pakistan, for Coronavirus, is in place. The UAE agency said that this decision was taken for the benefit of the people of the UAE. Not only UAE, even the United Kingdom, had expressed displeasure regarding the passengers arriving from Pakistani. The British health agencies had accused that the passengers, arriving from Pakistan, were responsible for the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom. The British agencies had expressed strong concerns and the number of passengers arriving from Pakistan was in thousands. Meanwhile, the number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached 206,512 and every day there is an addition of nearly 4,000 new cases. Moreover, there are allegations that the Pakistani agencies are hiding facts regarding the actual Coronavirus picture. 

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