White house severely criticises New York Times and Washington Post

Washington: White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany showered criticism saying ‘It is time, the New York Times and Washington Post, who are publishing fake news, regarding President Donald Trump and Russia, returned their Pulitzer Prize.’ A few days ago, both the New York Times and Washington Post published news claiming that Russia had given a contract, to Afghan Taliban, to kill the US soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. The report accused that despite President Trump having the information, no action was taken. Trump, as well as Russia, have emphatically dismissed these claims.  

The White House Spokesman castigated the daily, over the recently published news ‘New your times should do a self-evaluation to find out why its news reports are turning out to be false.’ At this time, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany pointed to the news published in February and June, in 2017 and a story published in March 2019. The claims made in these news reports, regarding the said links between Russia and President Trump had been proved false. Trump had said that these news reports are a part of a conspiracy against him and termed these as ‘Fake News’.  

A few days ago, both the dailies, the New York Times and Washington Post, once again published news reports claiming links between President Trump and Russia. The Russian intelligence agencies in connivance with the Taliban killed the US soldiers. The US agencies had this information and they had passed it on to President Trump three months ago. The New York Times and Washington Post have accused that the US President did not take any action, because of his understanding with Russian President Vladimir Putin.   

The opponents of President Trump have highlighted the accusations levelled by the US dailies, against President Trump. Demand is gaining ground that the White House also should tender an explanation along with the intelligence agencies. But President Trump has dismissed the allegations without mincing any words. President Trump lashed out ‘As there is no substance in the allegations made by the New York Times, the intelligence agencies have announced that no information had been given to President Trump or Vice President Pence. The claims made by the New York Times, which are fake, are a part of Russian rumours. New York Times should reveal the source of this information, but they will not do that as there is no source in existence.’  

John Ratcliff, the chief of the US intelligence agency ‘National Intelligence’, endorsed the statements made by President Trump. Ratcliff clarified in his statement that the claims made by the New York Times and other dailies are entirely false. Former US intelligence chief Richard Grenell too dismissed the information regarding the links between President Trump and Russia. He also castigated the opponents trying to gain political mileage from the new report. Russia also has dismissed these allegations and has retorted that the person making such claims must be having a meagre imagination. 

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