Houthi rebels threaten UAE with drone attacks

Third World WarSana/Dubai: The drone attacks on Saudi oil installations have created tension in the Middle East. In such a scenario, the Houthi rebels have threatened to carry out drone attacks in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Houthi rebels threatened, “If UAE continues to assist Saudi in the attacks on Yemen, we will attack the main cities in UAE.”

Houthi rebels threaten UAE with drone attacksBrigadier Yahya Sari, the spokesman of the Houthi rebels, warned, “If UAE wants peace, want to keep your important locations safe, and if it wants to protect its glass skyscrapers, it should stop its participation in the aggression on Yemen. Otherwise, a dozen drones have been kept ready to attack the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE. These drones can be launched at any time.”

The Houthi spokesman once again asserted that they were responsible for the attacks on the Saudi oil projects in Abqaiq and Khurais. Brigadier Sari claimed that the Houthi rebels had normal as well as jet-propelled drones with them. He further contended that these jet-propelled drones were used in the attack on Saudi oil facilities.

However, the Saudi military claim that Iran is responsible for the attacks on Saudi oil installations. As per Saudi, the Houthi rebels do not have such systems. Meanwhile, UAE has announced joining the naval front, opened by the United States against Iran in the Persian Gulf. UAE said that it was joining the front to ensure the freedom of navigation, through the Persian Gulf. The Houthi threat to UAE, following this development, has made the situation in the Middle East furthermore explosive.

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