India’s most wanted terrorist handed over to Pakistan by UAE.

New Delhi: India’s most wanted terrorist, Farookh Devdiwala has been handed over to Pakistan by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), instead of handing him over to India. Two months back, Farookh had been arrested in UAE, but Pakistan claimed that Farookh is a Pakistani citizen and hence, be handed over to Pakistan. Indian security agencies too were taking efforts for Farookh to be handed over to India, but it is being reported that the UAE agencies handed him over to Pakistan.

Farookh Devdiwala was initially associated with Dawood and was working for him. He is also said to have been a close associate of Chota Shakeel. Farookh would handle most of the activities of Dawood in Gujarat. Amir Raza, the co-founder of Indian Mujahuddin, also had friendly relationships with Farookh. Farookh is also accused in many crimes, including the trade of RDX in Gujarat and also in the murder of Ex-Home Minister, Hiren Pandya of Gujarat.

Devdiwala was arrested in the UAE in May. The information of the whereabouts of Devdiwala in the UAE, was shared by Indian security agencies with the security agencies of UAE. Two months back in an interrogation held in Juhu, Mumbai, the name of Farookh Devdiwala was disclosed during the arrest of terrorist Faijal Mirza. Mirza had then revealed the fact that the Dawood gang has been allegedly planning a major attack on India, for which they are deploying young men in their organisation. He also confessed that, Devdiwala had facilitated to send Mirza to Karachi for training purpose via Dubai. The interrogation held by the security agencies of India revealed that Farookh Devdiwala is a member of the  most  disreputed Pakistani agency, ISI. He was said to be devising all his operations against India from Sharjah with their help.

All the information related to these facts were shared by Indian agencies with the agencies in Dubai informing them that already, red corner notice has been issued against Devdiwala, which led to his arrest by Dubai officials. India had been making efforts to bring Devdiwala to India, when Pakistan stated that Devdiwala being a Pakistani citizen be handed over to Pakistan; had Devdiwala been handed over to India, very crucial information would have been exposed during the interrogation regarding the activities of ISI and Dawood in India. But the fact that Devdiwala has been handed over to Pakistan, has come as a big shock to India. Prior to this, Pakistan had claimed that Munna Zingada was a citizen of Pakistan and took hold of him too,  to get control over him.

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