Coronavirus will claim 66,000 lives in the UK, warns US study group  

London: – In the last 24 hours, Coronavirus claimed 439 lives in the United Kingdom, taking the total number of deaths to more than 5,300. Although the number of deaths in the United Kingdom is less as compared to the other European countries Italy, Spain and France, as of now, a US Study group claimed that the maximum number of deaths will be reported, in Europe, from the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been infected with Coronavirus and has been admitted to the ICU.  

Coronavirus has claimed 5,385 lives in the United Kingdom and there are 51,308 cases of Coronavirus infection. Whereas, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to the ICU in the St. Thomas Hospital, on an immediate basis, on Monday. Prime Minister Johnson posted this information himself on social media. The British foreign ministry informed that the condition of the Prime Minister was stable.  

It is being said that the number of deaths and cases is lesser in the United Kingdom as compared to Italy, Spain, Germany and France. But as per the report of the study group ‘Institute for Health Matrix and Evaluation’ (IHME), the pandemic entered the United Kingdom, later than these countries.  

The US study group IHME has issued this warning to the United Kingdom only after collecting the international information and after analysing the death rates in China, Italy and the United States. As per the IHME, if stringent measures are not implemented to control the pandemic in the United Kingdom, by July, the number of deaths may reach 66,000. The study group predicted a possibility that the number of deaths will be 20,000 in Italy, 19,000 in Spain and 15,000 in France. The US study group said that although the number of deaths is increasing rapidly in Italy, Spain and France, they will be on a decline soon. But the study group has increased the concerns for the British government with its prediction that the number of deaths will reach 66,000 in the country.  

Meanwhile, the British people have started expressing their opinion that China is responsible for the spread of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom. The reflection of the anti-China sentiment is visible in some parts of the United Kingdom. A video claiming that the virus is spreading through the 5G network towers has gone viral in the United Kingdom. There is neither a scientific basis for this nor has any researcher endorsed it. Yet, the anger brewing in the British people is not a warning. Reports have been received from Birmingham, Liverpool and Meling that 5G network towers, were set alight by an angry mob after the message, China was behind all this, went viral. 

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