ISIS attacks in Europe more likely due to Turkey’s Syria invasion, warns Kurdish officer  

Third World WarLondon: Syrian Kurdish official General Mazlum Kobane has issued a severe warning that states, ‘The attacks Turkey launched in Syria, and the apathy showed by the western countries in this regard, has increased the threat of ISIS attacks on these nations.’ At the same time, General Kobane also accused Turkey of actively assisting the ISIS terrorists. In an interview with a British news channel, General Kobane alerted the western countries on the matter.   

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is a Syrian rebel organisation, fighting against the ISIS terrorists. The Syrian Kurds predominantly lead the Forces, and General Mazlum Kobane is a senior SDF commander. General Kobane gave the interview to the British news channel a few days ago at an undisclosed location. At the time, General Kobane held the western countries responsible for the developments in Syria.  

General Kobane lashed out, saying that ‘Last month, Turkey had launched military action and recklessly invaded the Syrian territory. The negligence of western countries and their indifference towards accepting ISIS terrorists, who are citizens of their countries, is paving the way for the rise of the terrorist organisation.’ General Kobane warned that the ISIS threat had grown and appealed to the western countries to look into it with more seriousness.  

General Kobane reminded of the bomb blast in UK’s Manchester City a few years ago, and the suicide attacks in Paris Bataclan. ‘Such attacks are possible in the western countries, and the possibility of them occurring in the near future has grown to a great extent,’ General Kobane said. Furthermore, General Kobane accused Turkey of making available such an opportunity to the ISIS terrorists. Also, he referred to the Turkish action in Syria to substantiate the accusation.  

Kobane asserted that ‘There are nearly 5,000 ISIS terrorists in the Kurdish prisons. The terrorists will prove dangerous for any country. However, prison security has been compromised for the last few days because of Turkey’s attacks and the terrorists can escape from the prisons by taking advantage of the situation.’ While speaking to the British news channel, General Kobane said that Turkey was assisting the ISIS as well as the armed extremist groups in Syria and the SDF had the evidence to prove it.  

General Kobane has been leading the SDF for the last five years and has been declared as the ‘Most Wanted’ by Turkey. General Kobane is of Syrian Kurdish origin and is associated with the Kurdish organisation called the People’s Protection Unit (YPG). Turkey has alleged that the YPG was connected to the Turkey-based terrorist organisation PKK, and has declared General Kobane as a terrorist.  

Meanwhile, Kobane said that he had informed the Presidents of the United States and France, that Turkey was supporting the terrorist organisations ISIS, Al Nusra and Al Qaeda. General Kobane also claimed that the US military withdrawal was stopped after he held discussions with US President Donald Trump. Additionally, he informed that the US military was still present in Syria for the security of the Kurdish people. Moreover, the British news channel stated that two US Apache helicopters had arrived at the concerned location to pick General Kobane. 

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