Europe living in peace thanks to Turkey hosting millions of migrants, Turkish President Recep Erdogan

Third World WarIstanbul: “If European countries are living in peace today, it is thanks to Turkey for hosting 4 million refugees,” saying, so Turkish President Recep Erdogan delivered a message to Europe. Only two months ago, the European Parliament decided to close the discussions regarding Turkish admission into the European Union. Ever since the tension between the European Union and Turkey has been escalating, and it is indicated to fester further with the statement of the Turkish President.

The relations between the European Union and Turkey have been on a decline since the last two years and the suppression on the military mutiny, by President Erdogan became an incidental reason for the same. The European countries blame Erdogan of violating human rights and European values while busting this mutiny. But Erdogan has refuted these claims and has counter advised that the European countries should bother about their state.

After establishing a monopolistic rule in Turkey, Erdogan has focused on increasing his influence in Europe and is using Islamic groups settled in Europe, for the purpose. Erdogan has turned them on to his side, providing them with massive funding and other aids. His efforts to pressurise the European leaders through these groups have also been exposed.

Some of the European countries have openly opposed the activities of Erdogan and have raised a baton of action against the groups helping Turkey. At the same time, not only is the resistance to the Turkish inclusion in the European Union, on the rise but the major countries have blatantly refused to admit Turkey in the European Union. These include countries like France and Austria.

It has been observed over the last two years that Erdogan has repeatedly raised the issue of immigrants, to counter this opposition from the European countries. There is an agreement between the European countries and Turkey regarding immigrants. The illegal immigrants entering Europe are sent to Turkey, and against this, the Union has provided billions of dollars in financial aid to Turkey. Erdogan claims that the Union had promised membership over and above this aid.

President Erdogan has said that the European countries have always meted out injustice to Turkey and the same saga continues, and Turkey was refused entry in the European Union. He also reminded about the European countries have even tried to overthrow the elected government in Turkey. Last year, Erdogan had openly threatened to orchestrate an immigrant influx into Europe. Erdogan seems to have repeated the same warning in a different language.

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