China-Pakistan sign secret deal to build biological weapons, claims Australian investigative journalist

Beijing: China is working in collaboration with Pakistan to develop Anthrax, Ebola and other dangerous viruses and has signed an agreement with Pakistan to manufacture them. Australian investigative journalist Anthony Klan claimed that this secret pact between China and Pakistan, equipping Pakistan with the biological scientists, poses a major threat to India and the western countries. This agreement has been signed between the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and a laboratory under control of the Pakistan military. Western countries are accusing that the Coronavirus, which has claimed more than 15 million lives, around the world, was manufactured in this Wuhan laboratory. Therefore, these claims made by Klan are being taken seriously. Investigative journalist Klan, gave this information regarding the secret pact between China and Pakistan and its possible consequences, in his article posted on the Klaxon website. This three-year agreement was signed between Chinese Wuhan Laboratory and the ‘Defence Science and Technology Organisation’ (DESTO), which is under the direct control of the Pakistan military. The website informed that under this agreement, China would be assisting in research and control regarding communicable viruses. But the site claimed that the intelligence agencies have expressed serious concerns over this secret pact between the Wuhan laboratory and the Pakistani laboratory.

China-Pakistan sign secret deal for biological weapons, claims Australian investigative journalistChinese Wuhan laboratory will be providing financial, scientific and all the other support for this biological research. The website clarified that Pakistan military would not be investing anything in this project. At the same time, Pakistan government and the other government-linked institutions have been kept away from this secret pact regarding virus research. The intelligence officers, while talking to the website said that therefore, this research in a laboratory, directly under military control, is being viewed with more suspicion. Klan did not clarify as to when the agreement was signed. But the website claimed that the research and manufacture of biological weapons has started in the Pakistani laboratory.

China-Pakistan sign secret deal for biological weapons, claims Australian investigative journalistThe concerned website claimed that although the agreement is for research in biological viruses, on the face of it, the threat of biological weapons in the hands of Pakistan, increases substantially. Pakistan has already produced dangerous viruses like Ebola and Anthrax, with the help of the Chinese laboratory. If this cooperation continues, Pakistan will soon manufacture biological weapons. Klan has said that some of the military analysts warned that in that scenario, the threat of these biological weapons to India and the western countries would increase significantly. China is positioning Pakistan against India, with this manufacturing of biological weapons there. At the same time, the analysts also accused that this is a Chinese ploy to avoid manufacturing of biological weapons in the country.

Meanwhile, the United States, Australia, Japan and Taiwan are accusing that Coronavirus, which is playing havoc in the world, has been manufactured in the Wuhan laboratory. The United States has blamed that this pandemic is a biological attack by China.

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