US will continue to develop nuclear weapons till Russia comes to its senses; US President Donald Trump

Third World War

Washington: ‘Russia has not followed the essence of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Therefore, the United States will keep developing nuclear weapons till the time Russia comes to its senses,’ threatened US President Donald Trump. He criticised Russia saying that the Unite States will do the same thing that Russia has done over so many years.

nuclear-weaponsUS National Security, Advisor John Bolton is currently on his Russia visit and has met Russian Foreign Minster, Sergei Lavrov and Russian National Security Advisor, Nicholai Patrushev. He discussed the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty signed between the United States and Russia during these meetings. Bolton told the Russian leaders that the United States was keen on resolving the INF issue. Bolton is also scheduled to meet Russian President, Vladimir Putin regarding the issue.

Russia has continued with its criticism of the United States for withdrawing from the INF. Leaders like former President, Mikhail Gorbachev, people’s representatives and other senior leaders have started speaking a language of equivalent retaliation. US President Trump strongly replied to all these Russian threats.

‘Respecting the historical agreement, the United States had stopped adding to its nuclear arsenal. But the counterpart did not honour the agreement. Therefore, till such a time that the counterpart country and its leaders come to their senses, the United States will keep increasing its nuclear arsenal. This is a warning from the US for Russia as well as China. it is a warning to all those playing games with the United States,’ said Trump while addressing the press.

There are varied reactions received from all over the United States on these statements by Trump. Some of the ruling Republican Party members have praised Trump’s stand and have said that such harsh action was necessary to stop Russia. On the other hand, the detractors of President Trump have said that the United States does not need to be armed further. Former Congressman, Ron Paul claimed that the United States had nuclear weapons enough to destroy the world ten times over. And yet the United States is building more nuclear arsenal to prepare against China, criticised Ron Paul.

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