The need for exorcism increased due to the rise of evil forces: claim Christian Priests

Third World WarRome: ‘Religious belief is on the decline. The number of people affected with back magic and evil forces is on the rise.’ Such was the concern expressed by the Christian priests who have received the training course in exorcism organized by the Vatican. Cardinal Ernest Simoni mentioned that today there are people who relieve those possessed by evil spirits, even over a mobile phone, and prayed to Jesus Christ for forgiveness.

People from all over the world send letters stating that they are possessed by the evil spirits.  The priests said that people are complaining about this even over the telephone. Some people have expressed grief that they end up torturing their own selves under the influence of these evil spirits. In reply to this, Cardinal Simoni said, ‘You can calm such people even over the telephone’. Cardinal Ernest Simoni, on this occasion, also said that ‘Some exorcists are so effective that they can save a person possessed by ghosts and evil spirits even over the telephone.’ Cardinal Simoni thanked Jesus Christ for this and prayed.

During the process of exorcism, one has to fight the evil spirits, pointed out Cardinal Simoni. Andre Francisco Fernandez, a priest of Indian origin from UAE, informed that some Muslims have also requested for help in this matter. ‘Someone has used black magic against us. Can you relieve us of that? This is what they are asking,’ said Father Fernandez. Cardinal Simoni said that Jesus Christ is there for everyone and anyone can seek help for exorcism. Father Fernandez assured that Muslims practicing exorcism will still continue in their own religion. Due to the increased demand, exorcism courses have also been started in Sicily in Italy and Chicago in the United States.

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