Nearly 70 million people devastated because of wars and atrocities – UN Report

Third World War

New York:  Conflicts, wars and atrocities that have ridden several countries of the world have led to devastation of nearly 70 million people. The United Nations has mentioned in its report that the number of these refugees and homeless people is more than 3 million inclusive of the entire population of United Kingdom. The United Nations has expressed concern that the number of people displaced due to the conflict in Syria is the highest.

Two days ago, Chief of the ‘United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR), Filippo Grandi visited the Gulf countries of Iraq and Syria. After the visit and based on last year’s statistics, Grandi criticised the conflicts around the world in his report. Grandi claimed that in 2017, these conflicts have turned millions of people into paupers.

‘The citizens from the countries weakened due to intense conflict, violence and war have to flee to other countries for safety and shelter. The number of people displaced in these conflicts is frightening. Nearly 68.5 million citizens have been displaced because of these conflicts,’ Grandi said in his report.

Grandi has made a group-wise classification of the citizens who have been displaced. The United Nations report claims that nearly 25 million are turned into immigrants, while 40 million rendered homeless. The report further mentions that 3.1 million people are living as refugees in other countries.

The Syrian conflict created 6.3 million immigrants in the last year. It can clearly be seen that the Afghanistan population is next to Syria in this matter. 2.6 million in Afghanistan, 2.4 million in South Sudan and 1.2 million in Myanmar have been displaced in the year 2017. The counter-terrorism war in Afghanistan and Syria, and the instability in Myanmar and South Sudan are responsible for the increasing number of refugees, accused Grandi.

The intensity of the Syrian conflict and consequently the number of refugees, is increasing by the day. The UN Representative visiting Syria and Iraq have expressed deep concern over the reduction in funding for these refugees, as well as the humanitarian aid in Syria. The aid to Syria has been reduced by 25% and this can affect the humanitarian operations in Syria. The UN Representative therefore, appealed to the international community to contribute for supporting Syria.

Meanwhile, the report of the United Nations notes that 58% of the refugee population comes from the backward and developing countries, while the main source of refugees in Europe is from Libya. Grandi informed that the hordes of refugees that are reaching Europe, are coming from Libya.

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