Coronavirus deaths and cases rise dangerously in Brazil

Brasilia: – More than 4,500 Coronavirus deaths were reported from around the world in the last 24 hours, and there was an addition of 116,304 new cases. For the first time, the number of cases reported from Brazil is higher than in the United States. Satisfaction is being expressed on the reports that 2.6 million people have recovered from the disease. But, the number of cases in the second wave in China is increasing rapidly, and China has ordered lockdown in three cities other than Wuhan.

Brazil, Coronavirus

The number of deaths reported around the globe has declined for the seventh successive day. In the last 24 hours, the pandemic claimed 4,839 lives, and the total number of deaths in the pandemic has reached 363,989. These include 1,297 deaths from the United States, 1,100 from Brazil and 937 from Europe. Whereas, for the first time in two months, the number of deaths from Russia has registered an increase. 232 patients died in Russia on Friday, taking the total count of deaths to 2,347.

Brazil, Coronavirus

The number of new cases in the world is above a hundred thousand for the second successive day. On Wednesday, the number of new cases reported was more than 103,000. Whereas, 116,304 new cases were reported on Thursday. Brazil reported 24,151 new cases out of these. The total number of coronavirus cases in Brazil has reached 438,812. The highest number of cases, 1,768,461, are in the United States, and there was an addition of 22,628 new cases in the last 24 hours. 19,816 new cases were reported from Europe in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, China has reported new cases in the second wave of Coronavirus. In the last 24 hours, China reported 34 new cases of the second wave. It is claimed that there are nearly 800 such cases in China. 23 cases were reported from Wuhan, and as per reports, the numbers are increasing in other Chinese cities too. Mudanjiang city in the Heilongjiang province, in north-eastern China, has reported 11 cases of the second wave. After the development, the local administration has imposed a lockdown in the entire city.

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