Claims of 600,000 Coronavirus cases in China, sensations created following exposure of military university notes

Beijing: – China had announced that there were 82,941 Coronavirus cases and 4,633 deaths in the country. But it has been exposed once again that China has manipulated the figures. There is a shocking revelation made that the Coronavirus pandemic had spread to a whopping 230 Chinese cities, and there were nearly 650,000 Coronavirus cases in that country. This information has been exposed from a register in the Chinese military university. 

The National University of Defence Technology is a university under the Chinese military control in the Hunan province of China. The US and UK media claimed that the notes in the register of the university have brought the Chinese hypocrisy to light. There are notes related to Coronavirus for the period between February and April in this register. It is noted in the register that the Coronavirus pandemic had spread to 230 Chinese cities along with Wuhan, the origin of Coronavirus. The US media claimed that the number of cases reported from each city had been recorded in the register.

The register shows that the Coronavirus cases were found in malls, homes, bungalows, railway stations, supermarkets, places of worship and even fast food centres, along with the hospitals in these cities. There are nearly 640,000 records in the register. Some of the notes say that two or more cases have been found. The media in the United States and the United Kingdom claimed that even if you consider one case per record, it takes the number of Coronavirus cases in China near to six fifty thousand. The university collected this information from the locals.

The US media even verified the information in the register on the website of the Chinese university. A map showing locations of Coronavirus cases was found on the site. Therefore, it has been exposed because of this register, that China hid the actual number of Coronavirus deaths and cases from the international community. Before this, Doctors from Wuhan, professionals, journalists and even a researcher in the Wuhan laboratory and renowned writer, Wang Wang, had attempted exposing the facts regarding the Coronavirus pandemic in China. China had dismissed all these claims. But it is clearly evident that China will not be able to sustain its claims for a long time.

US President Donald Trump had announced that the maximum number of Coronavirus deaths was reported from the United States, and the United States is very transparent in this matter. Accusing that the other countries are hiding facts about the pandemic, he had said that China is the leader of the pack. These media reports are endorsing the accusations made by the US President against China.

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