99,000 more Coronavirus cases surface around the world in 24 hours.

Brussels/Berlin: The Coronavirus pandemic has caused more than 5,000 deaths in the last 24 hours around the world and also has raised the number of cases by 99,000. Europe has the most number of cases, which is 17,59,630. On Saturday, 20,000 more patients have been reported. Despite this increase, the chief European nations have decided to lift the lockdown. Besides, Germany had announced a soccer match while the virus was still at a peak over there. 

The coronavirus has caused about 3,09,770 cases around the world, while the US has 88,598 and Europe has 1,61,355 cases. In the past 24 hours, 1,680 people died due to the virus. Furthermore, on Saturday, 1,696 lost their lives in Europe due to the virus, 468 in the UK, 242 in Italy, 104 in France and 102 in Spain. Moreover, 73 Coronavirus patients have died in Germany in the last 24 hours. 

However, the European nations claim that the number of deaths in their countries has reduced. Despite it, the number of coronavirus patients has seen an increase over the last four days. Besides, the UK saw 3,450 patients in only one day. Whereas France saw 933, Italy 789, Germany 724, Spain 515 patients have been reported by the John Hopkins University. This rise in number has been reported after a few European nations uplifted the lockdown.

However, the European nations have decided to uplift the lockdown even in such circumstances. Italy has announced lockdown relaxation thrice in the past ten days. Greece declares reopening of 500 beaches to generate revenue. Besides, Germany declared a soccer match only two months after the lockdown. Moreover, Spain has agreed to play a match, and a few clubs have also initiated the practice. Hungary plans to uplift the lockdown step by step Monday onwards. Whereas, Slovakia has declared itself to be Corona-free.

The European nations are neglecting the threat of coronavirus and uplifting the lockdown one by one. The reason behind it is said to be the economy. The economy of European nations is said to have come under pressure, and hence, the nations are lifting their lockdown, as is claimed. However, the World Health Organisation has stated that the virus will not end anytime soon. Hence, it is imperative to learn the skills to live with this virus around us, advise the economists. Even though the European nations justify their decision by claiming this to be the reason, the medical experts, however, fear terrible repercussions.

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