Number of Coronavirus cases cross 1,00,000 for the second consecutive day

Baltimore: The number of deaths due to Coronavirus is 3,35,970 around the world. Moreover, it has emerged that the total number of Covid cases has crossed 52 lakhs. Besides, the world witnesses rise in Coronavirus patients by more than a lakh, and this certainly is worrisome. However, John Hopkins University has reported that the number of people recovered from it has gone beyond 21 lakhs. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation has claimed that Latin America is now becoming a hub of Coronavirus cases after Europe.

The Coronavirus pandemic that has spread across 212 nations across the world has claimed more than 4900 lives. Thus, this brings the total number of deaths caused due to the virus to 3,35,970. As per the reports provided by the websites that are keenly tracking down the Coronavirus situation, in the last 24 hours, the number of Covid cases around the world has crossed 1,07,000. On Thursday, 1,255 people lost their lives due to this virus in the US; this has thus added to the total number, which is now 96,571.

The number of deaths in Brazil due to this virus is increasing rapidly. On Thursday, 1,188 people lost their lives. In all, the number of deaths in Brazil has gone up to 20,000. Furthermore, since the Coronavirus outbreak, the total number of infected in Brazil has crossed 3,00,000 and in the last 24 hours, 19,951 more patients have been reported. Brazil ranks third as it possesses the highest number of Coronavirus patients after the US and Russia. Russia has reported 8,894 new Covid cases. Thus, the total number of Covid patients is 3,26,448.

Meanwhile, China reports new patients as the second Covid wave hits there. The prime centre of this virus, Wuhan, reported 36 new patients. However, 31 of these are known to be asymptomatic. Currently, China has 281 patients in total.

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