Chinese spy makes shocking revelations during interrogation, espionage attempts on PM office

New Delhi: – Shocking revelations have been made by the Chinese woman King Xi, arrested under the charges of espionage by the Delhi police special unit, during interrogation. It has been revealed that attempts were made to spy on important people from the Prime Minister to Dalai Lama. It was also revealed that an influential woman from Kolkata was in contact with King Xi and she handed over certain important documents to Xi. It is reported that the investigation teams have left for Kolkata and other locations to inquire regarding the people who were in contact with Xi.  

Chinese woman

In the month of September, the Delhi police arrested King Xi, Sher Bahadur, her accomplice from Nepal, and freelance journalist Rajeev Sharma. Sharma confessed during interrogation that he was getting sensitive documents and handing them over to the Chinese agents Michelle and George. Now the clarifications given by Xi during interrogations are surfacing in the media. China had ordered its spies in India to get information regarding the influential people from ministries and diplomatic officials, including the Prime Minister’s office. The information based on their influence and designation was to be reached to the wife of a Chinese leader.   

The Chinese spies were keeping a watch on the activities of Dalai Lama. The security equipment installed at various vital locations and departments were also on the radar of these Chinese spies. A few names have been revealed during King Xi’s interrogation. There is also a mention of this influential woman from Kolkata. King Xi has also given the name of the person who introduced her to this influential woman. The sensitive documents received from this influential woman were being translated to Chinese and then sent elsewhere in China through Chinese agents.   

The investigating agencies also are perplexed with the revelations made during the King Xi interrogation and are looking for other leads regarding Chinese spying. Teams have already been dispatched to inquire regarding the people who were in contact with Xi. Before the arrest of King Xi, Sher Bahadur and Rajeev Sharma in the last month, one more Chinese spy, Charlie Pang alias Leo Sang, was arrested in August. During his investigation, he had confessed that he was spying on Dalai Lama. He was also involved in money laundering. Pang’s name surfaced during the raids conducted by the Income Tax Department on the Chinese companies and their Indian associates carrying on the activity of money laundering under shell companies.  

Meanwhile, spying incidents have also been reported from the United States and Australia. After it was revealed that a former Chinese military official was posted in an embassy in the United States, the decision to close that embassy was taken by the US administration. The chief of the Australian intelligence agency recently claimed that the incidence of Chinese spying has increased tremendously in Australia. There have been allegations from around the world that China is carrying out these espionage activities through its companies and the instruments imported from China. India banned 218 Chinese apps, citing the reasons of national security. 

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