Infiltration into Indian territory is a part of Chinese expansionism policy, US Secretary of State

Washington: – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has warned that China is still making major military movements near the Line of Actual Control with India. These activities are nothing but a part of Chinese expansionism policy and they could have dire consequences. Before this, US President Donald Trump had expressed a concern that the Indo-China border dispute can acquire dangerous proportions. President Trump had even offered to mediate to resolve the issue. But India and also China had announced that there was no need for mediation from the United States. Despite this, the US Secretary of State has increased the pressure on China with his statement that this is a part of Chinese expansionism policy.

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The political conflict between the United States and China has reached its peak over the issues like trade war, Coronavirus pandemic and Hong Kong. Chinese leaders are making statements that the United States is triggering another cold war. China is coming under tremendous pressure in this conflict with the United States, and it is apparent that China will have to back out. To divert the attention of the Chinese people from this fact, the communist regime is trying to start newer disputes. The increase in the activities on the Indian border and attempts for incitement are also a part of the same efforts.

The activities of the Chinese communist party enjoying unlimited power in China are not ordinary. These activities are being carried out by the Chinese rulers for several years. The aggression in the South China Sea is an example of these activities. Secretary of State, Pompeo, said that the United States is partnering with India and other countries to counter the threats from increasing and aggressive military capabilities of China. Through this statement, Pompeo made a specific mention of the dictatorial Chinese rule and underlined that the Chinese government does not mean the Chinese people.

Even before this, President Trump had claimed that China had started the border dispute with India under its expansionist policy. Trump had also created a sensation by stating that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was infuriated because of Chinese aggression. At the same time, pointing out that both India and China are strong military powers, he had claimed that both the countries are a match for each other on the military front. President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo have repeatedly said that the United States explicitly supports India in this matter.

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