China spying on over 10000 Indians as part of hybrid warfare

New Delhi: – A report has been exposed that China is spying on Indian President Ramnath Kovind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with important leaders, former/serving officials, state chief ministers, media chiefs, influential people and activists. It is claimed that nearly 10,000 spies are operating in India.  

The report claims that this is a part of the Chinese hybrid warfare, and sensitive information is also being collected from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Arab Emirates along with India. Chinese company Xinhua Data Information Technology is involved in this espionage activity, and it is creating an Overseas Information Database based on the received information. It has already been exposed that this company is closely linked to the Chinese government and military.   

Chinese Hybrid Warfare includes Information Pollution, Perception Management, and Propaganda, meaning the spread of misinformation. This campaign is being run by China to create a perception of the Chinese liking. China is collecting information regarding top leaders, diplomatic officials, persons holding important posts, senior officials, entrepreneurs, researchers, journalists and also regarding people facing corruption charges, criminals, smugglers and other influential people.   

The digital media is continuously monitored for this purpose, and the information is analysed to create the Overseas Information Database. This information is used for causing damage and superseding the enemy.   

The accusation of espionage through various means is not new for China. It has already been exposed that most of the Chinese companies have links with the Chinese military and are involved in espionage through the medium of technology. ZTE and Huawei, the leading companies in 5G technology, are facing espionage accusations from around the world. Countries like the United States and the United Kingdom have also imposed sanctions against these companies.  

India has banned 224 Chinese apps since the Galwan Valley conflict in the Ladakh region. These companies have been accused of having links with the Chinese military and misusing the Indian personal information. 

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