India delivers another jolt to China, invites Australia to participate in Malabar exercise

New Delhi: India has delivered a fresh jolt to the Chinese communist regime, by inviting Australia to the annual Malabar war exercises. Therefore, the politically active QUAD cooperation between India, Japan, Australia and the United States, is now becoming active also on the military front. This becomes a vital decision by India, against the background of the growing tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), in Ladakh. China has taken cognisance of the Indian decision and the Chinese government mouthpiece claimed that this decision exposes the Indian maritime ambitions.   

Malabar war exercises

In November, Malabar war exercises were to be held with participation from India, Japan and the United States. The United States is making a persistent demand since the last few weeks that India should invite Australia to join the exercises. The United States presented a stand that cooperation of all the four democratic countries, is important for stability in the sector. The issue was discussed even during the QUAD meeting held in Japan a few days ago. It was being said that India can take such a decision, given the increasing tension with China. In this scenario, India delivered a message that a formidable front has been opened against the expansionist policies of China, by inviting Australia to join the Malabar war exercises.   

Malabar war exercises

The Indian foreign ministry clarified that QUAD’s commitment to a free, open and all-inclusive Indo-Pacific region is the objective behind inviting Australia navy to participate in the Malabar exercises. Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds reacted that the Malabar war exercises is a big opportunity for her country. Whereas, the Chinese foreign ministry has given a very cautious reaction regarding the issue. The Chinese foreign ministry made a sarcastic remark that China has taken note of the Australian inclusion in the Malabar war exercises and this decision will prove beneficial for the peace and stability of the region. Whereas, the Chinese government mouthpiece, Global Times, criticised that India is making efforts to dominate the Indo-Pacific sector and India has announced its intentions by inviting Australia to participate in the Malabar exercises. At the same time, the Chinese mouthpiece remarked that the QUAD could not become Asian NATO.   

Malabar war exercises

Meanwhile, reactions are being received from analysts around the globe, on this important Indian strategic move, to include Australia in the Malabar exercises. As per the European analysts, India has delivered a clear message that it will not succumb to any pressures, by including Japan five years ago, in the Malabar exercises and now including Australia. Whereas, Derek Grossman, senior scholar at the US-based Rand Corporation, said that this timing for the inclusion of Australia, in the Malabar exercises, against the background of the rising tension with China is perfect. 

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