Ships in the Red Sea will come under speed boat attacks, warns Saudi Arabia

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Riyadh: Saudi Arabia warned that the freight ships and oil tankers, sailing through the Red Sea are under a threat of attacks by speed boats, loaded with explosives. The spokesman of the Saudi Defence Ministry expressed a concern that the ships sailing through this region will be sunk, using these remote-controlled speed boats. The spokesman of the Saudi Defence Ministry also indicated that Iran and its affiliate, the Houthi rebels from Yemen, could have a hand in these activities.  

Ships-Red-Sea Attacks have started on oil tankers travelling through the Persian Gulf and other parts of the Gulf region. Saudi and its allies are accusing Iran and Iran affiliated Houthi rebels, of being responsible for these attacks. Against this background, Saudi is trying to point out that the threat to the oil tankers, sailing through this sector, has increased further. Small speed boats loaded with explosives can be used for suicide attacks. These small speed boats can be made to collide with the freight ships or oil tankers using a remote control. The Saudi Defence department spokesman said that using this; massive explosions can be perpetrated to sink big ships.  

The Saudi spokesman indicated that Iran and its affiliates, the Houthi rebels, can carry out these attacks. There is a large number of speed boats in the Iranian navy. Iran has inducted speed boats capable of very high speeds, to challenge the advanced US navy. The logic behind this is that these can be effectively used against the US naval ships if need be. It is being said that Iran is using speed boats as it is an effective, low-cost option for the security of the marine region.  

Therefore, Saudi Arabia seems to have directly targeted Iran underlining the threat of speed boat attacks. Saudi has raised doubts over the Iranian intentions, saying that Iran will be targeting the oil movement in this sector. Saudi has also increased the concerns of the countries involved in oil movement through this region, by claiming that Iran will use even the Houthi rebels for these attacks. The United States has imposed strict sanctions against Iran, who refused to compromise regarding its nuclear program. Iranian oil exports have declined because of these sanctions. Iran had warned the United States and the Middle Eastern countries, for targeting its oil exports. Iran had warned that if Iran is not able to export its oil, no other country from this sector, will be able to export oil.  

This increases the seriousness of the Saudi Arabian warning that Iran can use speed boats to target the oil exports of other countries. 

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