Saudi Prince claims they can destroy Iran in ‘eight hours’

Third World WarRiyadh: Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser al-Saud said, ‘Saudi Arabia can destroy Iran in just eight hours.’ The Saudi Prince issued the threat through a social media post. The Prince referred to a two-year-old video showing the Saudi fighter jets and other weapon systems. He said in the post that as of now, Saudi had much more advanced weapons arsenal than what was visible in the video.

The speed of the Iranian nuclear program has accelerated, and the state has initiated the final process, by activating advanced centrifuges needed to manufacture weapons-grade uranium. At the same time, the conflict of Saudi and allies with the Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen has further intensified. Iran is launching attacks on Saudi through the Houthi rebels. At the same time, it was recently reported that 130 people were found dead in the attacks carried out on the Houthi rebel locations in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and its allies. Therefore, the situation is currently developing towards the culmination of the proxy wars on the Yemenis territory into a full-blown war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Saudi Prince claims they can destroy Iran in 'eight hours'Under the scenario, Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser al-Saud has exhibited the Saudi Arabian military strength on social media. The Saudi Prince informed about the F-15S fighter jets, advanced air defence systems and the missiles with the Saudi Arabian Navy and Army, referring to a two-year-old video. Saudi Prince Abdullah bin Sultan bin Nasser al-Saud claimed that “This is a two-year-old video and the Saudi strength has grown vastly after it. Moreover, Saudi has large quantities of undisclosed weapons and defence equipment”.

Saudi Prince claims they can destroy Iran in 'eight hours'The Saudi Prince made mention of the arms arsenal and claimed that if Saudi was determined, Iran could be destroyed within eight hours. He added that no one could stand a chance before Saudi unity and resolve. The Saudi Prince’s warning becomes significant, given the provocative activities in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf. Also, US President Donald Trump has decided to supply weapons on a massive scale to Saudi snubbing the opposition from the US Congress.

It would thus bolster the Saudi strength tremendously, and the Saudi conflict against Iran would intensify further. Nevertheless, the Iranian military officials have ridiculed Saudi stating that “no matter the number of weapons Saudi may possess, it still did not have any experience of war”. Therefore, the Iranian officials had said in the past that if there were a war, Saudi would not be able to withstand Iran. On the sidelines of the developments, Saudi has issued the warning of destroying Iran.

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