Saudi Arabia should take lead in Israel-Palestine peace negotiations, appeals Israeli Minister

Jerusalem: Saudi Arabia should take an initiative in Palestinian peace process that the US is currently working on and should adopt the role of its saviour, appealed Israeli Transportation & Intelligence Minister, Katz. In an interview to Elaph, an UK-based Arab website, Katz described Saudi Arabia to be “The leader of the world” and called on Saudi Arabia’s King Salman to invite Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu for a visit.“Taking an initiative, the US is concocting a proposal for further pushing Israel-Palestine peace process. They have not conveyed us what it includes. The US has said that this proposal is optional and that it would not be imposed on us. I think this is a great opportunity. Saudi Arabia, as a leader of Arab world, should take upon itself this opportunity to approach the Palestinians and offer patronage. They are weak and in need of help”, urged Israeli minister in the interview.


Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Netanyahu, Transportation & Intelligence Minister of Yisrael, Katz also suggested that ruler of Saudi Arabia, ‘King Salman’ should invite Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for a meet and also further proposed that Crown Prince of Saudi Mohammed Bin Salman should visit Israel.

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