New religion to be based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Washington: Last month, Sofia, the first robot citizen equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) surprised everyone by giving an interview during the “Knowledge Summit” held in Dubai. She claimed that in the coming times, robots may have an independent personality like the humans. Whereas Sam, the ‘virtual politician’ is getting ready to contest for the 2020 elections in New Zealand. This is all being possible due to ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and in the coming years, this extremely sophisticated technology is preparing to give out with even bigger shocks. An AI-based religion has been founded and some specialists have claimed that in coming years, people will accept the ‘Robot-Messiah’ based on this technology.

Artificial-Intelligence,Anthony Levandowski, an employee who worked at the renowned organisations of Google and Uber, has founded a new AI-based religion. It is called the ‘Way of the Future’ (WOTF). The AI specialists have already started taking a serious approach towards WOTF. WOTF is attempting to further enhance “the Godhead”, which can provide answers to the problems of the world. Scholars claim that the followers of the ‘WOTF’ will follow the instructions dispensed by this ‘Godhead’. They have claimed that people will view the AI-based ‘Godhead’ as a Messiah.

AI experts claim according to one theory that computers would easily be able to reach human levels of intelligence by 2029. However, they have also claimed that beyond this as well, ‘Artificial Intelligence‘ could be used to resolve complex problems that are economic, social and political in nature. Thus, it would not be surprising if people accept this AI-based robot which is nothing but the Godhead as a ‘Messiah’, as this robot would be a billion times smarter than a human.

In the past few months, news related to the AI and views on it from world experts are consistently coming to the fore. Jack Maa, the Chinese industrialist had warned that due to this technology employment of many individuals over the world, would be lost. In a UN meeting, experts had expressed their fear of AI based-robots professing their superiority over humans. Whilst Elon Musk, a renowned industrialist has warned that AI is a threat to the entire human race.

Based on these grounds, claims of the ‘WOTF’ being founded and creation of the ‘Godhead’ have come to light. Thus, it is it is quite evident that as a result, the influence of Artificial Intelligence over the world would keep rising exponentially.

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