Russia urges Syria not to retaliate against Israeli attacks

Moscow / Jerusalem: After Israel launched air strikes on Syria’s ammunition depot last week, Syria had prepared to retaliate in response. However, Russia urged Syria and Hezbollah to not retaliate against Israel. A Russian official confirmed to Israeli newspaper about the conversation held between Russia and Syrian & Hezbollah leaders in this context.


A week ago, Israel carried out air strikes on Syrian city of Homs by intruding through Lebanon. Syrian media had claimed that the air strikes has destroyed Syrian army’s ammunition depot. Whereas, the western media had published the reports of Israeli airstrikes destroying Syrian chemical weapons programme and further claiming that the depot attacked was a source to provide arms support to Hezbollah, and hence was targeted by Israel.

Putin-Assad-NetanyahuIsraeli army did not claim the responsibility of the attacks, however, just two day ago, Israel released satellite images showing the extent of damage to the Syrian weapons base. Syrian military had signaled an appropriate retaliatory action in response to the Israeli airstrikes. Simultaneously Hezbollah second-in-command leader, also had issued warning to hit back at Israel with a different approach. Also Israeli leaders are threatening to launch attacks on Syria from past few days.

On this background, a Russian official, while speaking to the Israeli newspaper has confirmed that Russia has advised Syrian and Hezbollah leaders. He further added Russia had talks with Syrian government and Hezbollah leaders in this regard. But avoided to disclose any more details on it. However, this Russian official has expressed satisfaction  on the co-operation between Russia and Israel.

Earlier too, Israel had launched attacks on Iran and Hezbollah supporters in Syria on which Russian government had expressed disappointment and had rebuked Israeli government.

Russia assures Israel that it will not allow Iran to take a foothold in Syria

Russia has assured Israel of preventing Iran from establishing a foothold in the Golan Heights significant enough to pose a threat to Israel. Russia has stated that If Hezbollah and Iran overstep their bounds in Syria, Russia will suppress them.

Israel Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz, had expressed concern that Iran is establishing its military base under the pretext of this conflict which is dangerous to Israel’s security and that Israel would need to act against any provoking activities of Iran. While referring to this concern, Russian officer also stated that during Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to Russia,  Russian President Vladimir Putin has assured Israeli Prime Minister on activities of Iran in Syria.

Meanwhile Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on Latin America’s visit and will meet President Trump soon. It is expected that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will raise the issue of Syria and Iran in the discussion during this meet.

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