Russia preparing for a strong reply to the Syrian attack; British submarine in Syrian waters on Russia’s radar

Third World WarLondon: The echoes of the declaration of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the dire consequences of the attack by the United States, the UK and France on Syria are being heard now. Two Russian submarines are playing a ‘cat and mouse’ game with a British submarine near the Syrian marine limits. Russia’s aggressive strategy is clear from this and according to experts, Russia will take even more aggressive actions in reply to the Syrian attack in the coming times.


russia, syria, submarine, radar, british, vladimir putinPresident Putin had warned the UK and France along with the United States that the attack on Syria will be replied to. Following the attack, even the Russian diplomats had used a fiery language and put forth their country’s position in strong words. First the Syrian people were inflicted with the ‘Arab Spring’ then the country was pushed into the danger with the IS. Now, the United States’ ‘smart missiles’ are being fired at it, criticised Maria Zakharova, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Whereas, the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov has said that ‘the United States, who has the largest chemical weapons arsenal, has no right to attack Syria’.

While the Russian diplomats and the military officials are openly speaking a language of ‘teaching a lesson’ to the western countries, the echoes of the Russian aggression were heard near the Syrian marine sector. A British submarine passing through this sector was detected on the Russian submarine’s radar. Although the UK had taken part in launching missiles on Syria, it is claimed that this submarine was not a part of the operation. The western newspapers have said that once this submarine was visible on the Russian radar, they started playing a ‘Cat and Mouse’ game with the it.

russia, syria, submarine, radar, british, vladimir putinThe Russian submarines belong to the Kilo class. These submarines from the Russian naval fleet are said to have a very long range . Therefore, the British submarine was said to be in extreme danger. Although the Russian submarines did not launch a direct attack, they made the point that the British submarine was on its radar and the submarine could be targeted. British newspapers have expressed concern over it saying that if the Russian submarines would have targeted the British submarine, it could have set off the Third World War.

The western media has warned that in the near future, by not paying any heed to the attacks by the United States and its allies, Russia will dispense an equally strong reply. Whereas, keeping in view the statements issued by the Russian President, its diplomats and military officials, it is evident that Russia already has a retaliatory plan ready, say experts.

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