Russia a threat to existence of US and NATO: Chief of US European Command

Washington: Chief of US European Command, Air Force General Tod D Wolters, warned that despite consistent criticism on the international level and economic sanctions, Russia is still continuing with dangerous activities destabilizing others worldwide. The extent of Russian activities in Europe has also increased. Russia is a long-term threat to the existence of the United States and its European allies. The US Air Force Association recently organized ‘Aerospace Warfare Symposium’. General Tod D Wolters targeted Russia while speaking at the symposium.

Russia a threat to existence of US and NATO: Chief of US European CommandRussia is carrying out activities to increase influence in the countries that used to be a part of erstwhile Soviet Russia. Military deployment in these countries or near them is being done to pressurize these countries. During times of global power struggle, Russia is using unconventional tools like private military companies. Wolters accused that these are used to threaten and weaken US allies, creating a divide among them and their partners.

At this time, senior US officials also pointed to the global power struggle. Wolters warned that the current times are of a global power struggle and to ensure that this competition does not get transformed into a power conflict, the United States must win in this period. The US official also accused Russia and China of militarizing the Arctic sector. He also claimed that these two countries’ activities underline the importance of unity of the United States and the European countries through the medium of US European Command.

Russia a threat to existence of US and NATO: Chief of US European CommandNew US President Joe Biden has clearly indicated that the Russian threat will be the highest priority during his tenure. While making the statement regarding the US foreign policy, as the newly elected President, he claimed that the United States would not kneel before Russia, like the predecessor. Simultaneously, accusing that a country like Russia is making efforts to bust the US democracy, he warned that the US leadership would have to play an active role against it.

A few days after this, the United States decided to deploy B-1 Bombers at the airbase in Norway to stop the increasing Russian military bases and aggressive movements in the Arctic region. It had been revealed that President Biden had issued the orders for the action. Against this background, warnings issue by leading US officials from Europe regarding the Russian threat becomes significant.

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