‘US committed to assist EU despite differences’, assures US Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley

New York : While there is a state of uncertainty in Europe due to the policies of the US President Donald Trump, the senior leaders and officials of the Trump administration are trying to reassure Europe. A few days ago, the US Vice President and the Defense Minister, while in Europe for the ‘NATO’ and ‘Munich Security Conference’, had made it clear that the European nations will have unwavering support from the US. Following this, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley also assured that the US will remain committed to support its European friendly nations.

‘At times, there can be differences between the US and Europe on a strategic level. But presence of such differences and the debates arising therefrom, does not mean that US will stop supporting their European friendly nations or cease its commitment  towards them’, in these words Haley assured of strong US-Europe relations.

The US Ambassador to the United Nations informed further that NATO is the strongest front in the world history and the US is acting towards making it even more effective. At the same time, she also presented the US stand regarding the relations between US and Russia.

‘The relations between the US and Russia can be on a good level, but the US will not sacrifice its European friendly nations and associates for the same. Hence we have been persistently demanding that Russia abandon its annexation of Crimea and also completely implement the Minsk Agreement. The US and the European Union share the same view on this issue and the restrictions imposed on Russia will also remain’, said Nikki Haley. She also expressed displeasure over Russia’s decision to accept the passports issued by the separatists in East Ukraine as valid.

The US President Trump, during the election campaign and in later times as well, had largely criticised the European Union and NATO. Commenting that NATO is an ‘outdated’ organisation, Trump had warned that the US will stop aiding it. At the same time, while supporting UK’s decision to exit EU, Trump had advised that other nations should also follow the suit in future. The fact that Trump, who has been constantly criticising the EU, is close to Russia, has also surfaced.

There is an extreme unrest within Europe due to Trump’s stand towards NATO and EU and his relations with Russia. Certain news reports had also surfaced that Europe is trying to befriend China to counter Trump. Against this background, these latest statements are giving indications that the senior leaders and officials in the US administration are taking care to not let the relations deteriorate, by constantly reassuring that the friendly policy of the US towards Europe will not change.

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