US, France & NATO come out in support of UK against Skripal poisoning case

Washington: US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson lashed out at Russia saying that, ‘An incident of a citizen’s attempted murder belonging to a sovereign country in his own soil cannot be supported in any way whatsoever’. It has been revealed that US, NATO and the European countries have supported UK after Prime Minister Theresa May’s statement in the parliament targeting the Russian government. French President Emanuel Macron had a telephonic talk with British Prime Minister May and expressed complete support and cooperation.

Skripal-poisoning-caseSergei and Yulia Skripal were found in an unconscious state in Salisbury, UK. It has been revealed that they were attacked with a poisonous chemical element and the information said that the element has been developed by Russia. Against this backdrop, UK had targeted the Russian government and warned of aggressive action. The US, France and NATO have given their reactions on the issue.

The US President’s office, the White House has published a statement which says that the incident in UK is very outrageous. The statement does not name Russia. But the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has lashed out at Russia in his statement in aggressive words. ‘Russia is spreading instability everywhere from Ukraine to Syria and it is a very irresponsible country’, alleged Tillerson.

At the same time, he has warned that the attackers and the masterminds of the UK incident would have to face serious consequences. He assured that the United States would completely support UK on this issue. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has expressed deep concern over the attack in UK. UK is an important partner of NATO and NATO will keep in constant touch with UK in due course of the incident, he assured.

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