Nuclear war can be sparked between US and Russia because of misunderstanding; warns a senior US military official

Third World War

Washington: A senior US military official warned, ‘The tension between the United States and Russia has increased, and the arms race between the two countries has intensified. The tension between the two countries has reached a level, higher than the cold war days. During the cold war days, there used to be some dialogue, between the officials from the United States and USSR. But now that too has stopped. If both the countries do not come to a negotiation table and resolve the issues, a nuclear war may be sparked because of some misunderstandings.’ The US military officials, Senators and analysts have appealed that both the countries should try and save the New Start Treaty, between the United States and Russia,which is ending in August.

US-RussiaThe ‘Start’ agreement was signed in 1987, between the United States and the then USSR, to keep a tab on the number of nuclear weapons possessed by both. In 2010, during the Obama regime, this agreement was amended, and the New Start Treaty was implemented. The New Start Treaty is ending in the next four months. The European media are expressing fears of this agreement too being scrapped, given the tensions, created between the United States and Russia over various issues.

Against this background, former and serving military officials, senators and military analysts have appealed to both the countries, to come to the negotiation table, to resolve the issues between them. The chief of NATO forces in Europe and US military General Curtis Scaparrotti reminded that a horrible situation has been created because of the tension between the two countries. General Scaparrotti compared the situation to the cold war days. General Curtis expressed his concerns saying ‘Although tensions reigned between the two countries, during the cold war, there used to be discussions between the military officials. But now these discussions have stopped.’

General Curtis had said during an interview that there has to be a dialogue, between the United States and Russia, to diffuse the current tension between them. General Curtis appealed ‘Many issues can be resolved through negotiations.’ General Curtis further warned ‘The United States and Russia are fully aware of each other’s nuclear capabilities. General Curtis expressed confidence that these two countries, fully aware of the outcome of a nuclear war, will not indulge in one. But a nuclear war may be sparked, because of some misunderstanding or an untoward incident.’

General Curtis demanded that there has to be a dialogue between the United States and Russia if the nuclear war has to be avoided. At the same time, Admiral James Stavridis, former US navy official, has appealed that neither the United States nor Russia, holding nearly 90% of the nuclear weapons in the world,between them, should walk out of the agreement. Meanwhile, the relations between the United States and Russia have become sour over Iran, Syria, Venezuela Libya and other issues.

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