Russia activates research lab in Arctic for war preparedness in polar regions

Moscow: – Russia has built an independent research lab to test the utility of weapons in freezing weather conditions. The institute, ‘The Central Scientific Research Institute for Precision Machine Engineering’ has revealed this information. It is said that the laboratory has a facility to test weapons at a temperature of -60oc. A few months ago, Russia declared a separate policy for the Arctic region, including ambitious plans like oil exploration and defence preparedness. The new research laboratory is considered to be a part of the same plan.  

Nearly 53% of the coastline and 50% population, in the Arctic region, is believed to be a part of Russia. 90% of the Natural Gas, produced in Russia, comes from the Arctic sector. Whereas, 20% of the Russian crude oil production is in the Arctic sector. Since the last few years, the snow in the Arctic sector is melting rapidly, resulting in increased trade through marine movement. Against all this background, Russian President Vladimir Putin, has started providing special attention to the Arctic sector.   

In the last decade, Russia activated more than 50 defence bases in the Arctic region and its areas. Russia has made an ambitious plan of starting five nuclear icebreakers for the Arctic sector; one of them has become operational in September. Danish intelligence agency reported that Russia held air exercises with advanced fighter jets in the France Joseph Land region and has made the airbase in this region, war-ready. Reports have also been received that Russia has conducted tests of super-advanced missiles in the Arctic region. It is said that the Burevestnik Nuclear powered cruise missile was tested in the Arctic region, in the month of August-September. Whereas, Xircon advanced hypersonic missile was tested in November. These missile tests and building of military bases only point to actions for domination in the region. The laboratory started for testing weapons to be used in the Arctic, is also a part of the same plan.   

This laboratory had been built during the Cold War times. But it was closed later, due to financial constraints. It is said that the laboratory has been reopened making funds available under the Russian Arctic policy and rifles, Grenade launchers and artillery shells are being tested there. Following the lab, it is also revealed that Russia has launched an independent Research Vessel for research in the Arctic region. This vessel named the North Pole, was launched last week at the cost of $100 million. The Russian sources claimed that this vessel can operate in the snow, continuously for two years. 

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