Taliban leaders in Pakistan pose a threat to Afghanistan, criticises Afghan Foreign Ministry

Washington: The Afghan foreign department criticised the presence of the Taliban leaders in Pakistan. Moreover, their visits to the terrorist training camps pose a threat to Afghanistan’s sovereignty; this is a matter of grave concern. A few days ago, videos were posted on the Taliban linked social media. The videos show the Taliban leaders participating in the peace talks, visiting terrorist training bases. It has been revealed that the Taliban deputy chief, Abdul Ghani Baradar made a statement that all the decisions for the peace talks are taken after discussing with the other Taliban leaders, in Pakistan. Peace talks are being held between the Taliban and the Afghan government, in Qatar, since the last few months. While the talks are being held, the incidence of terror attack in Afghanistan has increased.   

taliban-pak-afghanistanIn the last three months, the Taliban has carried out 38 suicide attacks and 507 bomb blasts. The Afghan government published information that more than 487 Afghan citizens have been killed in these attacks. It has been observed that the anti-Taliban feelings are intensifying in the Afghan government and the minds of Afghan people, due to these attacks. Against this background, the closeness of Pakistan and the Taliban and the videos of the Taliban leaders’ visits to the terrorist training camps, have created a sensation in Afghanistan.   

The Afghan foreign ministry has issued a detailed statement expressing strong resentment over the incidents in the videos. The Afghan foreign department has fired a salvo of criticism ‘The open presence and free movement, of the rebel groups from Afghanistan, in Pakistan, are a direct violation of Afghanistan’s sovereignty. This can invite instability and crisis in this region. At the same time, this poses a serious challenge to peace in Afghanistan.’ Afghanistan also made a demand that the Pakistan government should stop harbouring these groups perpetrating violence and bloodshed.   

The Afghan foreign department also warned that the Afghan government’s clear stand is that these safe havens of terrorists and rebels should be shut down if a peaceful solution is to be found for the Afghanistan issue. The statement also lashed out at the visits of the Taliban leaders to the terrorist training camps. Three videos of visits of Taliban leaders and their statements have been posted. The first video shows Taliban deputy chief Abdul Ghani Baradar making some statements. Baradar said that the entire Taliban leadership is in Pakistan and no decisions regarding the peace talks are taken without consulting them. The second video shows Taliban chief Mullah Fazal Akhund is seen visiting a terrorist training camp in Pakistan. In the third, Deputy Chief Baradar is shown to be meeting the Taliban leaders from Afghanistan, in Pakistan. 

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