Risk of ‘Polarization’ increased after success of BREXIT and Trump warns World Economic Forum

London : Globally there have been many changes in the socio-political spheres and more new challenges seem to emerge. As per the report from ‘World Economic Forum’ in 2016 events like BREXIT and Trump getting elected in America indicate that common man has been saddened and disappointed thereby indicating at increased rate of Polarization globally.

Risk of ‘Polarization’ increased after success of BREXIT and Trump warns World Economic Forum

Annual meeting of ‘World Economic Forum’ will be held in Davos next week. Forum has published the Global Risks Report prior to the meeting which describes global risks that would evolve in the next decade. Report contains information about risks arising in socio-political spheres in addition to risks posed by technological advancements. Report also places rising global income disparity and environmental threats among the list of international threats.

The report also mentions that people around the globe have given clear indication to their respective political leadership about their disappointment and of they being hurt which may lead to outburst anytime. People are feeling rejected and want change. In some advanced economies people through ballot box have dared to reject the established political system. Brexit and US Presidential elections are the examples of the very same, warned the report.

Along with Brexit and Trump getting elected the report also mentions the referendum in Italy. The report also talks about the Western world being on the brink of collapse and Globalization seeing a reversal in future. ‘Global Risk Report’ states events in Europe and US have raised questions on democracy and existence of sovereignty.

Klaus Schwab, Chairman of ‘World Economic Forum’ has predicted that 2017 would be important in regards to developments at global level. Klaus also mentioned of increase in danger from people who are not willing to cooperate and countries promoting protectionism. Around 750 experts and analysts from across the globe have contributed for the ‘Global Risk Report’ and 30 important and probable risks have been analyzed in the report.

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