The real numbers of Coronavirus cases could be tenfold, claims an Italian institution

Third World WarRome/Madrid: The number of Coronavirus cases around the world has crossed 400,000 and more than 17,000 deaths have been reported. Moreover, 63,927 cases of Coronavirus and 6,077 deaths have been reported in Italy alone. But as claimed by an Italian institution, the number of unregistered cases could be tenfold. A nurse from the city of Milan, Italy, had given an exasperated reaction that they have stopped counting the number of deaths. Against this background, the gravity of the claim made by this Italian institution increases further.

The real numbers of Coronavirus cases could be tenfold, claims an Italian institutionMore than 1,000 deaths have been reported from Europe in the last 24 hours. Whereas, the situation in Italy, the European epicentre of the pandemic, has become more dreadful. In the last 24 hours, 601 deaths have been reported. Angelo Borrelli, Head of the Civil Protection, has created a sensation saying that the number of unregistered and untested individuals could be nearly 640,000.

The Italian Mayors are complaining that the civilians are not following the lockdown. The Mayors of Campania, Reggio Calabria and Luzzara cities, complained that the citizens have not realised the gravity of the situation, despite hundreds of deaths being reported every day. The number of deaths in Spain increasing rapidly as well. Besides, 514 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. Spain announced that robots based on Artificial Intelligence will be used to check these patients.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued an ultimatum to the British citizens. Each person will be allowed to leave the house only once a day. The Johnson government has warned that anyone found violating the rule, will face strict action. The pandemic has claimed 17 lives in the North African country of Algiers and there are 230 cases of Coronavirus. In South Africa, there are 554 cases of Coronavirus and South Africa has announced a lockdown for the next three weeks.

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