Coronavirus deaths cross 10,000 in Italy

Rome/Madrid/Washington: Coronavirus has claimed more than 32,000 lives and more than 10,000 deaths in Italy alone. It is once again clear that the virus is claiming maximum lives in European countries like Italy and Spain. Meanwhile, sensation has been created as 19,000 new cases were reported from the United States in one single day.


As per the information given by the website monitoring the spread of Coronavirus, every country in the world is trapped in the Coronavirus pandemic. 32,182 people have died in the pandemic and the number of cases has reached 684,825. 21,496 people have died in European countries and 361,457 people have contracted the disease. 889 people died in Italy, the fast-becoming epicentre of the pandemic in a single day, and nearly 10,000 new cases have been found.

In the last 24 hours, 838 patients have died in Spain and 6,549 new cases have been reported. Spanish princess, Maria Theresa, passed away on Saturday and entire Spain is mourning the death. France, the immediate neighbour of Spain, reported 339 deaths and 4,611 new cases in a single day. Following Italy and Spain, it is becoming difficult to find beds for Coronavirus patients in French hospitals. The French media are suspecting that the actual number of deaths could be much higher than the numbers reported.

209 people died in the United Kingdom, taking the total number of deaths to more than 1,000. The number of people infected is reaching near 20,000. The pandemic claimed 339 lives in the United States. In the same period, 19,452 new patients have been found. A sensation has been created as more than 15,000 cases have been reported in the United States in two successive days.

The United States is screening a hundred thousand people per day and therefore, as per media, the rate of detection of patients also is much higher.

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