The world should unite to demand a compensation of USD 6.5 trillion from China, appeal from Harry Jackson society in UK

London: The Harry Jackson society, a study group from the United Kingdom, appealed that the world should unite to demand a compensation of USD 6.5 trillion from China, for hiding critical information regarding a dangerous pandemic like the Coronavirus. The British media and lawmakers are accusing that Coronavirus is a Chinese biological weapon, and the voices against China are becoming more and more aggressive.

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed more than 70,000 lives around the world till date. Given the spread of the epidemic, the possibility of the number of deaths increasing manifold is being predicted. The economic transactions have completely stopped because of the lockdown imposed to contain the pandemic. This has caused a loss of USD 6.5 trillion to the global economy. The Harry Jackson society blamed China for being entirely responsible for the situation.

In December 2019 itself, 200 cases of Coronavirus had been reported in the Wuhan city of China. Yet, the Chinese agencies kept the World Health Organisation in the dark. The world had to face severe consequences in the times to follow as the international community and the World Health Organisation were informed late, regarding Coronavirus. But China was still trying to hide the information regarding this.

On the contrary, the Chinese communist government initiated action against Li Wenliang, who tried to reveal information regarding the epidemic. The Harry Jackson society appealed that therefore, the world should unite against such a country and demand compensation of USD 6.5 trillion from China.

Asking for compensation of USD 6.5 trillion will completely flatten the Chinese economy. Despite this, the demand is being made to make this country pay for the losses incurred by the world and it is getting endorsed from around the world.

The intensity of this demand is increasing by the day and, along with that, the pressure on China is also increasing. Currently, China is trying to salvage its image on the international level. But the efforts made by China in that direction seem to have boomeranged on the country.

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