Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on US visit for Two-Plus-Two talks

Washington: Rajnath Singh and S.Jaishankar, Indian Ministers for Defence and Foreign affairs respectively, have left for the United States, to participate in the Two-Plus-Two talks, to be held between the two countries. Statesmen from both countries claim to have big expectations from the negotiations. The US leaders and statesmen claim that the United States gives the highest priority to the relations with India.

Last year, the first Two-Plus-Two talks were held at New Delhi, between the United States and India. These are the first Two-Plus-Two talks after that. The US leaders and statesmen say that these talks are extraordinary and are freshly underlining the importance of the military cooperation of the United States with India. As per the United States, China is creating anarchy in the Indo-Pacific sector, and a democratic country like India can play an essential role in stopping China.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on US visit for Two-Plus-Two talksThe US statesmen claim that the cooperation between the United States and India will create an atmosphere of stability and balance in the region. US Secretary for Defence Mark Esper has confirmed this and claimed that the United States attached the highest priority to the military cooperation with India. Meanwhile, before the talks, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressed a gathering of the Indian community.

While speaking on this occasion, the Defence Minister ruled out any possibility of talks with Pakistan. Pakistan is still openly sponsoring terrorism. Therefore, the Indian Defence Minister asserted that there is no possibility of any bilateral talks. Rajnath Singh said that the only possibility of talks with Pakistan is regarding Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). The Defence Minister emphasised that POK is a part of India and not a Pakistani territory.

Rajnath Singh also claimed that if India had Rafael fighter jets earlier, India would have targeted the terrorist camps and bases in Pakistan, from within our border. India has never been the aggressor and India has never attacked any country, till date. The Defence Minister issued a blatant warning that India will not tolerate terrorist training centres, for carrying out saboteur activities in India.

India expects cordial relations with Pakistan. In 1999, the then Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, even paid a goodwill visit to Pakistan. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reminded that even after this Pakistan betrayed India, perpetrating Kargil. Pointing out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited the Pakistani Prime Minister for his swearing-in ceremony, Rajnath Singh criticised that despite all these kind gestures, one can see the behaviour of Pakistan.

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