Pakistan has no rights to talk about Kashmir, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh

indLeh: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh lambasted Pakistan saying ‘Kashmir was never a part of Pakistan. Instead, Pakistan itself was a part of India, at one time. Despite this, why is Pakistan crying hoarse about Kashmir? Pakistan has no right to talk about Kashmir.’ The Defence Minister pointed out that the malicious campaign initiated by Pakistan, against India, has failed miserably and no country in the world, is willing to assist Pakistan.

Since the last few days, the Pakistani Prime Minister and other members of his cabinet are making desperate efforts, to draw the attention of the world, by making irrational statements. The Pakistan Prime Minister has threatened the world along with India, with repeated threats of a nuclear war. Whereas, Pakistani Railway Minister claimed that a war would start between India and Pakistan, in October or November. Indian Defence Minister retorted that the world has already realised that all these Pakistani efforts are only attention seeking tactic.

Pakistan has no rights to talk about Kashmir, Defence Minister Rajnath SinghWhile speaking during his Ladakh visit, Rajnath Singh severely criticised the fuss created by Pakistan. Rajnath Singh said that Pakistan has no right to speak,regarding Kashmir and pointed out that Kashmir was never a part of Pakistan. The Indian Defence Minister delivered a tight slap saying that Pakistan should firstly pay attention to the trampling of the human rights, in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK). Rajnath Singh drew attention to the fact that the Pakistani control over the POK itself is illegal.

The Pakistani threats seem to have increased, following the return of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, from Paris. These aggressive changes in the Pakistani attitude have been noticed after the discussions between Prime Minister Modi and President Trump, against the backdrop of the G7 summit. Only after this meeting, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation over the Kashmir issue. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reprimanded Pakistan accusing that the Pakistani activities are inciting. India wants friendship will all its neighbouring countries. Rajnath Singh retorted that if Pakistan wants to open a dialogue with India, it will first have to stop exporting terrorists.

Meanwhile, Raj Nath Sigh said that he held discussions with US Secretary for Defence, Mark Esper. Moreover, even Esper said that the Kashmir issue is an internal matter of India.

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