More than 80% immigrants don’t return to the homeland, US study group report about ‘Global Refugee Forum’

Third World WarWashington/Geneva: A US study group has released a report stating that most of the people are taking refuge in other countries because of war, internal conflict, oppression, atrocities and natural calamities in their country never return to the homeland. This report has surfaced at a time when a comprehensive conference is being organised in the city of Geneva in Europe, on the subject of immigrants.

In the last few years, the immigrants have become a severe issue in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. The immigrant influx originating from the Middle East and African countries, going to the United States, Europe and Australia is giving rise to many serious issues like violence, crime and deterioration of social values among others. This has created severe discontent in the local populations of these countries and the opposition to immigrants also in on the rise.

More than 80% immigrants don’t return to the homeland, US study group report about ‘Global Refugee Forum’Therefore, the immigrant influx becomes a social and a political issue in the United States, Australia and the European countries. The effect of this issue was clearly visible in the elections held in these countries over the last few years. The immigrant groups are not willing to accept local values and culture and are only interested in capitalising their plight to extort maximum benefits from the country’s governments. The public opinion has pushed the governments of these countries to take an aggressive stance against immigrants.

The stance taken by the leading countries in the world is posing challenges for the international organisations working on the immigrants’ issue. Therefore, the United Nations, for the first time, has organised an international conference like Global Refugee Forum, to find a collective solution for the problem. More than 2,000 representatives of the international voluntary organisations along with the country heads of various countries are attending the conference. A persistent demand came forward during the conference that the leading companies in the world should support the cause to provide aid for these refugees.

But, it is being said that these refugees are not mere refugees as they present this stance in the international conference. Still, they harbour an ambition to get a permanent residency in the country they are entering in. But the neighbouring countries are not willing to accept these refugees. A survey conducted by the US institute Gallops revealed that 90% of the refugees are not interested in returning to their homeland.

People from countries having intense conflicts are running for shelter to the European countries. A question is being asked that when the neighbouring countries are not willing to accept them, why should the European countries accept them. The issue surfaced many times that refugees from countries, not having any internal conflicts are entering developed countries only for financial reasons. Therefore, there is a political turmoil in the European countries over the issue. The rightist leaders and political parties taking the side of the local people against immigrants and sponsoring the nationalist spirit are mustering large support in the European countries. This has also reflected in the recent elections held in the United Kingdom.

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