The attacks on Pakistan military will continue, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Leh/Srinagar: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced ‘The attacks on Pakistan will continue till such time that Pakistan continues to assist the terrorists in infiltrating into India.’ Jammu-Kashmir Governor, Satyapal Malik warned that India will destroy the terrorist bases in Pakistan if Pakistan continues with its pro-terror policies.  

The Indian military devastated posts of the Pakistan military and the terrorist bases, near the Kashmir border, launching fierce attacks. The exact number of soldiers and terrorists killed in the attacks was not revealed. But it is being said that the Indian military used the US-made Excalibur shells during these attacks. This caused immense losses to the terrorist bases and the Pakistan military. But Pakistan military, as usual, is trying to coverup the losses suffered and Pakistan is making fake counterclaims that in fact, India lost nine soldiers in the conflict.  

The attacks on Pakistan military will continue, Defence Minister Rajnath SinghDefence Minister Rajnath Singh, who is on a visit to Ladakh, clarified the Indian policy while speaking at a function. The Defence Minister informed about the situation at the Kashmir border saying that India will not start a conflict. But there will be strong retaliation by the Indian military if there is an attack on India. The Indian attacks will not stop till Pakistan does not stop firing, to cover terrorist infiltration. The Indian military is giving a fitting reply to the Pakistani misadventure.’  

Jammu-Kashmir Governor, Satyapal Malik warned that Pakistan would have to suffer the Indian attacks, till it gives up the path of terrorism. Satyapal Malik bluntly pointed out to Pakistan that India will not hesitate to launch attacks in the Pakistani territory, to destroy the terrorist bases. At a time, when the Indian leaders are issuing a stern warning to Pakistan, there are reports of fierce encounters at the Line of Control, in the Poonch district of Jammu-Kashmir.  

Pakistan military is using mortars and targeting the civilian settlements, along with the Indian military. The Indian military is retaliating against this, causing losses to the Pakistan military. Indian media have published videos of the actions, exposing the malicious campaign started by Pakistan on this front.  

The Indian military is continuing with the onslaught, using the Bofors Guns along with the Excalibur shells. Pakistan is making false claims that India is targeting innocent civilians. Pakistan military spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor claimed that because of the Pakistani retaliation the Indian military attempted to recover the dead bodies of the Indian soldiers, waving a white flag. But the Indian netizens proved that the videos posted by him on the social media, to substantiate his claims, were old. 

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