Protests in Europe and Latin America along with US in support of Armenia

Los Angeles: Severe repercussions of the Armenia-Azerbaijan war, being fought in Central Asia are being felt on the international level. On Sunday, a whopping 100,000 Armenians held strong protests, outside the Turkish and Azerbaijan embassies. In the last few days, protests in support of Armenia have also been reported from Europe and Latin America other than the United States.

Protests in Europe and Latin America along with US in support of ArmeniaA fierce war has been sparked between the central Asian countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan, since the 27th of September. Thousands have been killed in the war so far and the numbers are growing by the day. More than 70,000 citizens from the Nagorno-Karabakh province have been displaced given the war. Most of them are Armenians and they have started taking refuge in the Armenian cities. Aid has begun flowing on a large scale for these displaced citizens, from around the globe. Many US and European citizens of Armenian origin have reached Armenia for help. At the same time, the associations of the Armenians from around the world also have become active.

Since the last week, thousands of Armenians from the United States Europe and Latin America, are taking to the streets, to express displeasure against Turkey and Azerbaijan. The protests in the US city of Los Angeles, on Sunday, were the largest protests, till date. The protestors blocked all the main roads in the city. The protestors even raised a demand that the United States should interfere in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. It has been revealed that people of Armenian origin, in the United States, have started collecting funds in aid of Armenia. It is believed that nearly 500,000 people of Armenian origin have settled in the United States.

Protests in Europe and Latin America along with US in support of ArmeniaThe people of Armenian origin held large scale protests in the European countries of the United Kingdom, France and Italy. Protests have also been reported from Brazil and the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires. As per sources, Armenian people held rallies even in Canada and Lebanon. Turkey has been denounced in all the protests and allegations are being made that this regime is perpetrating genocide.

Currently, the population of people of Armenian origin, around the world, is more than 10 million. Of these, 3 million are citizens of Armenia. Whereas, 7 million Armenians have settled in more than 85 countries of the world. The people from the Armenian clan were forces to take refuge in other countries, given the genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Empire, during the first world war.

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