Symantec & Kaspersky Labs claim of Russia, China, Iran & European nations being hit by Cyber Attacks

Washington / Moscow : Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Belgium and African nations like Rwanda have recently reported to have been a target of a new Cyber Attack. Various sectors of these countries like military, finance, and scientific research and other important sectors have been targeted under these cyber-attacks. Leading Cyber security companies like Symantec from the USA and Kaspersky Labs from Russia have exposed these attacks and made sensational claim that there could be nation behind them.


Symantec & Kaspersky Labs claim of Russia, China, Iran & European nations being hit by Cyber Attacks

Symantec and Kaspersky Labs have updated their websites with the information regarding these attacks. While Symantec has named these attacks as ‘Strider’, Kaspersky Labs refer these attacks as ‘Project Sauron’. These cyber security companies claim that these attacks have been sculpted since 2011 with the aim of surveying, spying and acquiring confidential information.

The cyber-attacks use Remsec, an advanced piece of hidden malware. This malware is capable of backdoor entry and can record all the keystrokes and delete files. This malware is of a modular design and can acquire total control of the user’s computer. This Malware is also capable of creating custom modules, deploy them onto other computers in the network and steal information from them, as claimed by cyber security companies.

More than 30 companies and organizations in countries like Russia, China, Iran, Sweden, Belgium and Rwanda, have been targeted under this cyber-attack. Symantec claimed that the group behind this attack has systematically chosen their targets and their objectives. The victim companies include airline companies, military projects and embassies. According to the information provided by Symantec, there is a possibility of these attacks being orchestrated by some nation’s intelligence agency.

Meanwhile Kaspersky Labs has claimed that such a large scale cyber-attack is only possible with the use of multiple technologists, large teams and millions of dollars of funding. Comparing Project Sauron with ‘Stuxnet’, ‘Flame’ and ‘Duqu’, Kaspersky claimed that only a country can have access to such resources. Stuxnet, computer virus was used by the United States and Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear program.

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