Aggressive Expansion of Russian Defense

Moscow : Considering the worldwide rapidly changing equations and also the current aggressive military trials attempted by Europe, Russia has been taking giant strides to empower their own defense. Lately the Defense Minister of Russia, Sergey Shoygu has made an announcement regarding the same in their Parliament. In the coming few years according to the recent statement made by Shoygu, the Russian military will comprise of 170 new fighter planes, 905 tanks and ammunition equipped vehicles and 17 warships. 

Russian-Defense-Minister-Sergei-ShoiguThe Russian President Vladimir Putin had undertaken a special program for the modernization of their armed forces. In the year 2015, Russia raised its Defense budget by seven and half percentile making it 66 billion dollars. Even though the last two years saw a drop in the fuel prices, yet it is clear by the recent announcement that their modernization expedition continues to develop at a great pace.

As per defense minister Shoygu’s statement, in the near future the Russian Air Force will introduce 170 fighter planes. He further indicated that the Russian defense needs 1300 new pilots,the recruitment of which shall be accomplished by 2018. The Russian military will obtain 905 tanks and other vehicles fully equipped with ammunition. He also declared that at the same time, the Navy too will have 17 new warships included into their fleet.

Apart from this, inter-continental ballistic rockets will be added to the ‘Strategic Nuclear Force’. In the past year Russia has acquired over 40 ballistic rockets. Presently possessing over 2000 drones, Russia has been testing the ‘Long range warning radars’ at their border areas, Shoygu informed. The additional service will commence in the two new divisions of Russia’s western and southwestern regions, as well as in Pacific Ocean, said their defense minister. 

Last month the Russian vice-defense minister had claimed the development on advanced ‘hypersonic’ weapons based on ‘plasma’, ‘laser’ and ‘electromagnetic’ technology. During a war, it often is a matter of split seconds between the times of decision making to the actual encounter and hence progressive weapons are being constructed by Russia under their ‘Plan of Action’, deputy defense Minister Yuri Baluyevsky had affirmed. 

‘Information Warfare Unit’ established in Russian Defense

Realizing the standing of ‘Information’ in war as well as in conflict, the Russian defense has established an ‘Information Warfare Unit’. The Russian defense minister Sergey Shoygu notified this in the Parliament. Information and publicity should be used skillfully to influence and thus soldiers from the newer units will be more educated and effective than those of the earlier times, he stated.  

Information warfare proves to be a highly important factor in any war, attributing to which Russia has initiated their new unit, the defense minister further clarified. 

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