Canadian intelligence warns of threat of Chinese, Russian cyberattacks against Canada’s power grid

Ottawa: – The threat of cyber attackers from China, Iran, Russia and North Korea is increasing and these cyber attackers can launch an attack on the Canadian systems. Communications Security Establishment (CSE), the Canadian intelligence agency, has warned that there could be a cyberattack on the Canadian electricity distribution installations. China has dismissed the Canadian allegations.  

The CSE was the first to warn regarding the cyberattack threats, in its report prepared in 2018. But the Canadian intelligence agency had not named any country in the report. In July, the United States and the United Kingdom, along with Canada, warned of cyberattack threats from China and Russia. Canada and the western countries accused that these countries are trying to steal information regarding the Coronavirus vaccine through cyberattacks.  

The Canadian intelligence agency warns that in addition to such attacks, there could be cyberattacks on the electricity distribution systems. China, as well as Russia, have already dismissed the Canadian allegations. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that there is no basis for the Canadian accusations. Lijian claimed that China itself is a victim of cyberattacks. Over the last few months, the diplomatic and trade relations between Canada and China have been strained. China had threatened Canada, following the arrest of Huawei chief in Canada. China also threatened to start a trade war against Canada. But despite this, Canada incited China by sending a warship to Taiwan. 

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